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Pre-designed Templates

Create with ease size charts for your products using pre-designed templates.

Powerful Customization Tools

Customize everything to match your store's style with a powerful customizer.

Seamless Responsiveness

Fully responsible and doesn't affect on the speed of your store.

Effortless Setup

Setting up is super easy - no coding skills are needed.

Easy Size Chart & Guide Tool

Features overview:

  • A variety of ready-to-use size chart templates
  • Unlimited design possibilities to match your brand's store
  • Position flexibility for display options
App Preview
App Preview

Mobile friendly:

  • Lightweight Script with Minimal Size
  • Fully responsive
  • Fast loading
  • User friendly customizer
  • Different display types
  • Personalized size recommendations

Customers Recommend Us

"Really happy with both the app and their support. Helped me create a size chart that I needed and that too for no charge."

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- Sage By Mala

"This app is amazing and really useful for the website, a support system is pretty good they just guide you with everything. Highly recommended."

    
- Lucid Dreamers

"Nice free app and the support is great! Has templates and makes it easy to build out professional-looking size charts."

    
- Comfyist

display options for size charts

Select the display type that matches the size chart and product for the best effect: inline link, float button, inline link & float button.

App Preview

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